Smashing pumpkins in Boston on Saturday

The city is holding a "pumpkin smash" on Saturday for residents to get rid of their Halloween pumpkins and maybe take out some aggression. Free cider donuts will be on hand for replenishing your energy.

It's 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Mattapan Ecovation Center, 456 American Legion Highway in Mattapan. People who have no reason to smash a pumpkin can instead put their pumpkins in with their yard waste, where it will be composted for use in city parks.



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Brilliant idea

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The Ecovation Center is a really interesting place to visit, btw.

And the organization that runs it, City Soil, and in particular the fellow at the heart of the organization, Bruce, along his whole crew, are truly under-appreciated gems of Boston.

(Not directly associated with any of the above, although I have bought many yards of really excellent compost from City Soil).

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