Many trains can't go clickety-clack due to switch problems with Amtrak

Keolis was blaming Amtrak signal problems for the major delays and cancellations on the Providence and Stoughton lines this morning, but Amtrak says, no, not signal problems - switch problems, near the 128 station in Westwood:

Due to a switch outage near Route 128 Station, Amtrak and commuter trains are experiencing delays moving through the area. Amtrak engineering forces are on the scene and are working to resolve the issue as quickly and safely as possible.


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I am now up to 63 text alerts this morning...and really glad I didn't have to commute today!

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Great. Let one blame the other.

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This will really solve the issue, boys. There have been signal and/or switch problems on that line for some time now. And nothing appears to get fixed.

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