South Boston cat burglar caught catnapping, cops say

Alleged cat burglar on the prowl in South Boston

Alleged South Boston cat burglar on the prowl, per BPD.

Boston Police report they found the guy responsible for several South Boston break-ins - asleep in a hallway in a West 9 Street building.

Police say Michael Hazel, 29, of Fall River is responsible for at least five burglaries and attempted burglaries this week - all through open windows.

Responding to complaints about a couple asleep in the hallway at 177 West 9th St. around 8:20 p.m. on Thursday, officers found Hazel and a woman, police say. Detectives arrived and IDed Hazel as their perp - and, bonus, said he was also wanted on a breaking-and-entering warrant issued Tuesday in Fall River, where police are kind of familiar with him.

The officers also observed that Hazel was wearing the same clothes as the suspect depicted in the publicly released surveillance video.

Officers arrested Hazel on the Fall River charge as they prepared to charge him for the South Boston burglaries, police say.

Innocent, etc.



Give the guy a break.

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