State puts kibosh on possible JP dog park

The Jamaica Plain Gazette reports DCR has decided not to convert a street-hockey rink on Anson Street into a dog park because of opposition from street-hockey fans.


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My guess: there are few/no

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My guess: there are few/no street hockey fans in the area any more. The neighbors just don't want people walking dogs down their street.

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Why not copy Brookline?

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Brookline has developed a pretty good model for sharing parks with off leash dog areas. Some have designated areas. Some are fenced, some are not. Some share their areas with other uses. Some are closed when to prevent damage (e.g., during wet spring days when heavy use would ruin fields). Some are huge and great for big breeds that need to run, others are small. Dog owners pay a modest annual fee and get a tag for their collars. Non-residents pay a higher fee.

I'm a dog owner. When I lived in JP, I frequented Beecher. It was a great spot but was awfully close to abutting houses and I can understand why neighbors were upset. But there are plenty of places around town (on both state and city land) where off leash areas would work well. I'd be happy to pay a small annual fee to use them if it meant they got regular maintenance and every neighborhood in the city ended up with at least one off leash area within walking distance of most residents. This problem is solvable. What's the issue?

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