At stations North and South, commuters entered a new hellmouth

Crowds at North Station

Claire Blechman shows us the hordes trying to get out of Boston from North Station shortly before 6 p.m., on a day when commuter rail tried its best to keep up with delays on the Red Line.

South Station replied, "Hold my beer," as Kevin Essington shows us:

Hordes at South Station



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What a day for the MBTA. I've

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What a day for the MBTA. I've been stuck on the Longfellow for a half hour without moving because of a dead train up ahead.

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Absolute T

Doesn't everyone know the T won't go if it's >30 degrees +/- 50ยบ.

Below 20 and above 80, expect delays a-plenty.

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I was thinking the same thing..

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The people that have the option to walk, bike, uber, taxi, bus or work from home have to be amateurs.

Never take the T if its crazy hot or crazy cold.

I rode my hipster bike home with my ma-bun blowing in the wind. it was nice and peaceful.

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The two T's

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I can't for the life of me figure out why the democratic candidates for Governor aren't making the mishaps at the T and the antics of republican president Trump the central themes of their campaigns

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The rest of the state doesn't like hearing about the woes of the T when it generally doesn't benefit them.

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