Students in one Harvard course have to actually attend classes again

The Crimson reports that even at Harvard, there are limits to technology and that students in a popular computer-science course have to show up in person again because streaming online lectures just "lacked the dynamism of years past."


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Free programs and courses at

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Free programs/courses at Boston Public Library and Cambridge Public Library can be made available online. For example genealogy presentations.

Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners' practices can be brought up to date!

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optional attendance was only for one year

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CS50 only made attendance to most lectures optional when it was offered in Fall 2016 (one of the related articles in the Crimson sidebar is about the change last year). Lecture videos are not only supplementary material for College students, they are part of how the course is offered through Harvard's Division of Continuing Education for undergraduate and graduate credit.

Despite reverting back to the previous policy after a one-year experiment, I think CS50 remains the only course Harvard College students are permitted to enroll in even if its lecture meetings conflict with those of another course. The students don't have Time-Turners but in addition to the lecture videos, CS50 has a lot of supplementary videos and other content online plus a lot of academic support opportunities, online and in-person.

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