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The sun comes up, the rains come down, roads and T stations flood

Rain and sun at sunrise

KMV watched the sunriseshower over Boston Harbor this morning (see lightning over Nahant).

John got stuck in the parking lot that Rte. 1A in East Boston became due to flooding and a crash:

East Boston flooding

Lizi Bennett sloshed through Wollaston station on the Red Line:

Quincy flooding

More flooding and sunrising:



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Thankfully, Wollaston is closing later this year to get a much needed renovation that will hopefully (yes, I know, wishful thinking) prevent this type of flooding during future storms.

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Guess we got a lot of rain last night...

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It's still pretty wet out there, too.

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Guess our storm drains aren't up to the coming floods as rain events get rainier.

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I'm pretty sure Wollaston T is shutting down soon for a total redo.....but will it prevent flooding?

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See this: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=2&cad=rja&...

Gad those are long.

Parking lot side is getting a new headhouse with an elevator and walkway that will go up and over the tracks. Think... Assembly Sq. Same idea.

The other side will get ADA ramps. They will need to address drainage. It's likely clogged someplace and will need to be opened up and cleaned out.

The station will be bypassed during construction through 2019.

On select evenings and weekends they will operate Red Line trains single track between Quincy Center and No. Quincy. Even though they have signal control expect the trains to run at a reduced speed (comparatively) through the station construction zone and on either side of it.

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I'm having a little trouble figuring out those drawings. But it looks like the only access from the parking lot side will be via the bridge. So they're replacing an across-and-up route with an up-across-down.

Is that really necessary? I hate when stations are rebuilt at great expense, and my walk gets longer with more up and down.

What is the problem this is trying to solve? Is the flooding insurmountable, so they're giving up on all walkways below the parking lot grade? It surely can't be easier to provide wheelchair access this way -- it means two elevators instead of one. And people with mobility issues wont enjoy the lover trip from curb to platform any more than anyone else.

Plus the west access will still be under the tracks? So anyone unfortunate enough to need to walk from the parking lot to Newport Ave will have to go up to the bridge, across, down below the tracks, across, and back up again?

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"What is the problem this is trying to solve?"

Crony contractors need money, what else?

Why maintain these buildings when you can completely renovate - or sometimes replace - them every few decades?

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