The sun goes down, the colors come out

Sunset over the Zakim Bridge

Jon Skarin watched the sun go down over the Zakim and downtown Boston tonight.



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Eyesore and reminds people of tragedy that c/have been stopped

I am a life long resident of All/Bri we all remember the kid (riding his bike AT night) who was killed by a car as bike rider being reckless came over foot bridge from Cambridge st.ova pike then down the ramp not slowing down going directly off side walk at bottom straight into oncoming veh.They painted his bike white and have had it chained to bottom of ramp for yrs now with dead flowers and filthy teddy bears.I agree this was tragic but someone the city or not should rem,this haunted looking site n replace w/a plaque of some kind.If no one else will call it how they c it I will n have...

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