T cop gets six months for beating woman with a baton and lying about it

A Suffolk Superior Court judge today sentenced now former Transit Police officer Jennifer Garvey, 34, to six months in jail for an incident at the Dudley T station in 2014, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Garvey actually got an 18-month sentence but Judge Douglas Wilkins suspended 12 months of that for two years, which means she will not have to serve that time if she stays out of trouble over the next two years.

Garvey was convicted last month for beating Mary Celeste Holmes of Roxbury on March 26, 2014 when Holmes began objecting to the way Garvey and her partner were dealing with an elderly woman.

In a statement, DA Dan Conley said:

This defendant not only escalated the situation and used force far beyond what was necessary. She also hijacked the criminal justice system by pursuing charges against the victim that she knew were unfounded. She injured the victim, she lied to the community, and she did a disservice to every officer who approaches the job with integrity.



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interesting the only cop ever to be held accountable

for anything around here happens to be a black woman. Crazy world we live in. Seriously, when's the last time a Boston-area cop got sent to jail? For instance, whatever happened to that doofus thug from Southie or something who gave his ex-girlfriend a black eye and then, later on, got bagged for a DUI or another assault? Anybody remember that guy? He doing time?

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You would be surprised......

There are probably a dozen or so police officers in the Suffolk County correction system right now. I know of 3 of them. Most of the time they are domestic assaults and restraining order violations.

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But are you satisfied it was

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But are you satisfied it was a T cop, or does it have to be a Boston cop?

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It is a crazy world we live in. It sounds like the cop in question should've been charged with and sent to jail for awhile for her crimes, and then fired from her job. This woman doesn't belong a cop...at all!

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T Police-Lies

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Something is rotten in the MBTA Police
* The video shows other officers involved in the beating what happened to them?
* What supervisor watched this video and approved the arrest papers.
* Why was Ms. Holmes subjected to a DCF investigation on charges of being an unfit mother?
* Why was Ms. Holmes denied her right to a phone call
* Does anyone believe that this was the first and only illegal arrest and beating by the Transit Police?
* What happened to the other cop who beat and pulled his gun on a young girl on a bus at Dudley Station for not paying her fare?
*Why is their silence from the Governor, Mayor and Attorney General?

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