Taking in some hurling at Fenway Park

Maureen Rogers recounts taking in a trio of Irish hurling matches at Fenway yesterday.

For the first half of the Galway-Dublin match, we tried to figure out the rules by just watching. My brother Rick, who played pretty much every American sport growing up, was able to pick up on some of the rules as we went along, figuring out the difference between a 1 point play, a 3 point play, and a 5 point score, and picking up on the fact that there seemed to be some sort of rule similar to dribbling with respect to how long you could hold the sliotar (the ball) in your hand. But at half time we gave up and went to the Google. It was just too much of a struggle to try to guess what would be called a foul. Apparently, whacking someone in the head with a hurley is perfectly okay.




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Rolls eyes

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The rules are no more complex than basketball, and a lot easier to understand than American football or hockey.

Of course, if they were playing by standard rules, the scoring would make more sense (1 point for the sliotar going over the crossbar, 3 points for a goal) but they were using modified rules.

It's a good game. I kind of prefer Gaelic football, but probably because it is easier to watch the bigger ball.

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You Saw Arena Football Version of Hurling

Yesterday's game was a bastardized version of the game. The field at Fenway was smaller than a typical field (shorter and narrower at Fenway).

There were 11 a side as opposed to 15. No goal posts, only nets. The halves yesterday were 20 minutes instead of 35. There were goals only and no points as mentioned by Waquoit above.

Also, if you saw Galway Dublin, there was, as in 2015, a fight. That is typically frowned upon but may have been done for show.

It is a great game, get yourself to Canton sometime to watch teams play in on a regulation pitch, or take yourself to anyone of the main Irish stadia; Croke Park in Dublin, Semple in Thurles, Pearse in Galway, or go to one out in the fields of Carraroe or Dingle and watch with a few dozen people. It is a great game.

Give credit for Sam Kennedy at the Red Sox, the guys at AIG (yes that AIG), the Forrys at the Dorchester Reporter, Aer Lingus, and others for putting on a great show in weather yesterday that can only be described as Irish.

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To be fair

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He's Galway people, so he knows hurling.

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Hey now

You're top five. You, Cybah, John, Swirly, MC Slim JB.

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Hurling at Fenway

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I have seen a fair amount of hurling at Fenway, and the last time I went there, the last game of the 2016 season, I definitely wanted to hurl. But when I feel like hurling, I leave.

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