Teen sexually attacked at Revere Beach

State Police report they are investigating an incident at the Shirley Avenue bathhouse yesterday evening:

The victim reported that the assailant, a young adult male, approached her while she was using an outdoor shower at the bathhouse at approximately 7 pm Tuesday. The man tried to initiate a personal conversation. When the girl tried to get away from the assailant, he grabbed her, prevented her from leaving, and sexually assaulted her.

The girl then got away from the assailant. She was at the beach with an adult family member and reported what happened to that family member after they had left the beach.

The family member then brought the victim to the State Police Barracks on Revere Beach and reported the assault. The girl was interviewed and then transported to a Boston hospital for examination.

The suspect is described as Hispanic, with braided hair. At the time he wore swim trunks but no shirt, State Police say.

Anybody who saw something can call State Police at 781-284-0038.



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Land Sharks

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Are much more dangerous on Revere Beach than the great whites sharks off Cape Cod.

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