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There's a train out of action on the Orange Line at Jackson

"Minor" delays inbound, the MBTA says.



Opening line of the Amazon bid: come to a city rich in history and try and find a way to get 50k people to work with an infrastructure that has also made history as being the most decrepit corrupt boondoggle ever.

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Marty Walsh. The T is reliable and the press is to blame. video


NJ Transit's trains are no longer the worst in the nation for breaking down and delaying commuters.

That mark of embarrassment went to Boston's Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority, which had the most commuter train breakdowns in 2016, according to federal statistics released Tuesday.

NJ Transit trains had been ranked the worst in 2015 for breaking down by the Federal Transit Administration, when it released it's National Transit Database last fall.


Out of Service: Will We Ever Fix the MBTA?

Two ex-governors, a mayor, the MBTA’s chief, and the secretary of transportation tell us why we’re getting exactly nowhere.


The MBTA isn’t perfect, we all know that, and I don’t expect it to be. However I find the MBTA to be extremely unreliable, which was difficult for me as a commuter. Of course I appreciate that it is there for me to use, but I personally feel that a city’s public transportation should be reliable so that I do not need to buy a car in order to get to work on time in the morning.


MBTA's new reliability tracker confirms Green Line riders' complaints


The MBTA is becoming a reputational black hole, pulling people in who don’t politically distance themselves. Mayor Marty Walsh has little direct control over the T, but surely he has a job as its chief advocate on behalf of his citizens. Well, yesterday the Mayor had a chance to either a.) blithely shill for the city to Amazon, or b.) represent the real, everyday concerns of Bostonians just trying to get to work.

I regret to say that he did not make the right choice:

Marty Walsh isn't working for me.

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at Community College.

And is it just me, or has the T given up on the idea of issuing "all clear" alerts when problems are resolved?

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When's the last time any one T line was "all clear"? By the time they type it, something else will have failed

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But they usually do it too early, before the residual delays have cleared out.

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have purchased the (insert name of incompatible with anyone else phone service here) "for an extra $250, we'll surgically attach your smartphone to your hand so you can immediately see each and every tweet you receive" package - aka the 'Total Twit" option.

So who cares about the number of actual people out there who still receive T alerts by text so they don't have to worry about missing one - because their phone ALERTS them when they receive one.

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