They'll be back - but next time they're bringing friends

Two turkeys in Brookline

Jill Cetel reports this shadowy pair is constantly skulking about Beacon Street in Brookline (of course); is looking for a good caption for this photo.


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They forgot the Schlitz

"How many times did I tell you - don't go to a guest's house without liquor?"

"Well, how the hell was I supposed to know?"

"You better know a close liquor store or else!"

"Maybe next time I'll go alone!"

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I've seen that shot in The Friends of Eddie Coyle.

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Kinda like

kinda like a pre-Thanksgiving turkey exorcism.

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Knock knock

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"Trick or treat!"


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Whole Foods new owner Amazon's savageness

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Amazon serious about its new fresh food delivery service. These two show up after I ordered an extra large Turkey Club. Too bad they forgot the bread. DaHell Amazon. One star for you!

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Security System

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This house comes complete with a tried and true, reliable security system. No false alarms.

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Those are the same guys

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that came to my door and told me that I could save 10% on my utility bills by switching to their plan.

Hmmmm. I wonder if this is a scam?

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Ding Dong

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We're the dinner.

..of course you are.

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