Things people carry on the T

Plant on the Red Line

There oughta be a Tumblr for this. But until then, Maggie spotted this guy and spider plant on the Red Line yesterday.

And Jingle Bull wondered how this guy navigated this plank onto a bus this morning:

Plank on an MBTA bus


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Christmas trees

When I lived in Central Square, Cambridge, and later in Coolidge Corner, I came back to Allston to buy my Christmas trees at the lot across from Model Hardware, and I always took my trees back home on the bus. I did stick with little 3-4 footers in those days, but still...

(In my defense, this was back in the late 70s, early 80s, and the buses were a hell of a lot less crowded then, even the 66!)

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I was going to post this as a

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I was going to post this as a general response, but since you already mentioned trees:

This kind of stuff is normal in Europe where many more people don't drive. We need to change the mentality about public transit in this country. Not everyone who uses the T is avoiding traffic/parking fees/avoiding driving drunk/lost their license/can't afford a car. Some people - gasp - do not own cars and they rely on public transit to get places and to do their chores.

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I'm dismayed to see that two of the photos on the Tumblr feature a developmentally disabled coworker and a transgender friend. Nice going!

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Well, yeah. It was a bit

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Well, yeah. It was a bit problematic due to the fact it largely blurred the line between mocking people and poking fun at genuinely funny stuff happening on the T.

I also think that's why the FB page shifted its focus a bit. It's a lot easier to hide behind a tumblr blog than it is behind a Facebook page (there's still a level of anonymity but it's tough to ignore your inbox as a page owner).

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This is still problematic

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Not everyone is a social media exhibitionist.

Can an ordinary person use public transit, in non-newsworthy ways, without other people thinking it's OK to take photos of them and post online?


Funny, I wouldn't have people snapping my photo and posting online if I were driving a car.

I didn't think it was possible, but we've found another way to make using the MBTA suck.

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Agreed. What's so fucking

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Agreed. What's so fucking weird about a man with a houseplant on the T? Maybe he was visiting a friend via T and they presented him with the plant... or why can't he just have one without us taking pictures of him or finding explanations for it?

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Yes because people never,

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Yes because people never, ever post pictures of weird/funny cars they see.

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There will be more of this in the future, with all the condo buildings going up with few parking spaces. People have to get their odds & ends from the store to their places somehow.

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Where is my ugly mug?

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That's nothin'.

A feller can hardly take home small furniture and large pieces of sheet metal on the Red Line and Commuter Rail without getting the hairy eyeball and Instagrammed to the point of nausea.

New Year's Resolution:
Scavenge more materials from work to take home on the (T) in 2018!

"It's free, Honey!"

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Topic reminds me of my experience with bulky things and the T

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In my junior year of high school, I bought a used Akai M8 reel to reel recorder (the huge and heavy tube one) for $10 as a restoration project from a shop (IIRC, it was called Audio Replay) that was on a side street off of Mass. Ave behind Mr. Bartley's Burger Cottage.

As I didn't have a car at the time, I carried the unit home from the shop to my parent's house in Lynn by way of the T. Long and slow walk to Harvard station, Red Line to Park, Green Line to Haymarket, express bus to East Lynn, and then an equally long and slow walk from the bus stop home.

I swear I lost at least five pounds that day. I eventually got the recorder working, but ended up spending over $75 for new tubes.

BTW, I gave the recorder to a friend when I moved from Lynn to Wakefield in 1990

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Heck, that is nothing.

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I remember , back in the 1980s, buying one of those personal trampolines from a store near downtown crossing, taking it out of its box , putting the legs in my back back and rolling it to Park, carrying it down the stairs and rolling it on to a green line car when they still went to JP, and rolling it home. And then there was the time I transported a mini keyboard to the same place, via the T, with help from my boyfriend now husband.

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I probably have most of you beat . . .

Growing up without a car in Boston it was nothing to bring stuff home on the T: numerous fish (in a bag) or plants from the old Downtown Woolworth; numerous electronics from the old Lechmere, etc. But the best story was in my mid-teens, when my parents still didn't own a car and my Grandmother's old CRT television finally died:. my Father, a-k-a her son, took it upon himself to buy her a flat screen TV, say 36", as a great replacement. Only thing--she lived just north of New Haven, CT!

So how did we get it there--on Amtrak! (She picked us up, as always, from New Haven-Union Station). Nice quick round-trip: take the train down with the TV, set it up, take the train back!

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