A train died on the Red Line; riders like the dog in This Is Fine

But its carcass has been removed from the tracks and now the T reports things are back to, well, not normal per se, given what the new normal on the Red Line is, but moving at least.


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Too bad they don't list it for peak/offpeak times.

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The Ⓣ's Definition Of Reliability

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Subway reliability is the percent of customers who wait no longer than the scheduled time between trains.

First of all, I can't imagine how they'd even measure such a statistic. To do so, would seem to require a continuous counting of the number of people waiting at each platform. The has an extensive system of security cameras, but I'd be surprised if they're capable of doing that.

Their "reliability" number takes nothing else into consideration, including whether or not a train arrives at its destination in a timely manner. As every rider knows, merely boarding a vehicle is no assurance of a reliable commute.

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Headlines back on point!

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