Tree falls on car in Brighton

Tree on car in Brighton

Kristin Foley surveyed the carnage on Cummings Road this morning.



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Not surveyed?

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That sidewalk tree looks very leaf-barren even for this time of year.

I feel like someone should have surveyed this tree and taken it down before it fell.

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In my experience

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It's not surveyed until something is said through the 311 system. I'd noted a couple trees that didn't seem to get enough water in one of the municipal lots; they are late to leaf and quick to drop leaves. There are other signs of not doing well, so I posted a photo expressing concern for people's vehicles. Very quickly I received a response indicating it was being pushed to the DPW who sent an arborist to review. One of the trees was taken down, but the other was deemed safe to stay.

I wonder what it would take to get up to speed like Cambridge to have all the trees surveyed and mapped?

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How many more large trees

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How many more large trees just like this one on city neighborhood sidewalks waiting to fall, these old large trees should all be inspected by the city.

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