Tug of War: The Disposition of Jim Crow Confederate Monuments

I'd like to propose an alternative to decommissioning Jim Crow-era Confederate monuments and I don't like arguing with people who lost wars, they're losers, but I do like arguing with people who won them. (That's a little something I learned from Donald J. Trump.)

We've seen city councils debate the issue and vote on it as in Charlottesville, VA, and we've seen the mayor of Baltimore take four down in the dead of night.

In Charlottesville, in defense of the statue of Robert E Lee. a group that called itself Unite The Right organized 12 far-right groups under one banner including neo-Nazis, KKK, alt-right, white supremacists, proud boys, and alt-knights, for a two-day weekend of rallies on Friday and Saturday. No doubt you heard about it.

My proposal is that we leave Jim Crow-era Confederate War monuments up and let people tar and feather them until reparations are paid. Your thoughts?

Watch this excellent documentary of Charlottesville VICE News made.