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Two-alarm fire damages Roxbury house; resident injured jumping from flames

The Boston Fire Department reports firefighters responded at 7:45 a.m. to what turned into a two-alarm fire at 13 Gaston St.

A man was injured jumping from an upper floor, the department says, adding a total of five people were displaced.

Damage was estimated at $300,000. Investigators are looking for the cause.

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House fires are horrifying. The house next door to me had a fire a few years ago and was vacant for almost 2 years after that. A man is in the hospital after he jumped from this fire on Gaston St. I hope he is ok.

And once again, as is true with so much of Boston, is a given address in Dorchester or Roxbury,? Uhub headline says Roxbury, but the link provided to WHDH says Dorchester.

A quick search comes up with the following for Gaston Street
Channels 25, 10 , 5 and 7 call it Dorchester
The Globe and Google maps call it Roxbury
Bostonograpy indicates it is Roxbury buy with less certainty than other parts of Roxbury
I couldnt find a reference to this fire on Channel 4 or the Herald.
My personal opinion, as a long time resident of Fields Corner is that Gaston St is Roxbury.

And can anyone with certainty define the border between Dorchester and Mattapan?

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It's to the left of Blue Hill Avenue, which I've been using as my de-facto border in that particular stretch. The issue, I think, is that it's also 02121, which a lot of people think is a Dorchester Zip code, even though it reaches almost to Egleston Square (where you then run into the issue of where to put the line between Roxbury and Jamaica Plain).

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USPS shows this as 02121 which is a Roxbury zip code.

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Any word on the cause yet? That house went into foreclosure a few years ago and a conveyance of ownership went back and forth. The their was an Execution slapped on it and recorded with Suffolk Registry. Also 2 old mortgages still outstanding. Doesn't look good.

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I just updated the original post - investigators are still looking.

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