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Two charged for stabbing murder of East Boston teen in marsh last year; could be MS-13 related

A man arrested in Houston earlier this month now faces arraignment on charges in East Boston Municipal Court that he took part in the gang-related murder of 16-year-old Carlos Villatoro-Nunez in Belle Isle Marsh late last year, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Jorge Melgar Fuentes, 19, was nabbed by Homeland Security in Houston on June 7 on unrelated charges, then was charged with the teen's death on June 30. He is now scheduled to appear for arraignment in East Boston Municipal Court on a murder charge on Monday, the DA's office says.

Moris Javier Landaverde, 21, was indicted on a murder charge in May for Villatoro-Nunez's death and is being held without bail pending arraignment.

Authorities say the teen was fatally stabbed about a month before his decomposing body was found near an entrance to the marsh off Bennington Street on Dec. 9. His family had reported him missing Nov. 13.

According to the DA's, office: "Witness statements, cell phone records, and physical evidence from the scene suggest that Fuentes and Landaverde undertook the homicide in the course of gang-related activity and that Villatoro-Nunez' slaying was not random." Authorities believe the two may have been part of MS-13, a gang authorities blame for the murders of three other teenagers in East Boston in 2015 and 2016.

Innocent, etc.


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