Uber driver delivered more than just food, DAs say

A Lawrence man used his Uber car for several months to sell and deliver heroin in the Boston area, prosecutors in Suffolk and Essex counties charge

Ariel Pimental, 26, was arraigned yesterday on a variety of charges, including heroin distribution and heroin trafficking, in South Boston Municipal Court, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports, adding Pimental was arraigned after being arrested in possession of more than 20 grams of heroin on Tuesday on Congress Street in the Seaport district.

Pimental had bail set at $60,000 and was ordered to wear a GPS device, hand over his passport and stay at home should he post bail.

According to the DA's office:

The investigation began this summer, when the Suffolk County State Police Detective Unit received information that an Uber driver - later identified as Pimental - was distributing heroin in and around the Boston area. After making contact with Pimental by phone, undercover troopers made six controlled purchases from him through the fall.

On Nov. 14, following those sales, a Suffolk Superior Court judge approved search warrants for Pimental’s residence and the 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe with livery plates in which Pimental had allegedly conducted the transactions. At about 2:00 that afternoon, State Police stopped the Tahoe on Congress Street. They placed him under arrest for the earlier sales, searched the vehicle, and recovered three bags of heroin totaling approximately 22 grams.

Pimental faces arraignment on separate heroin charges in Essex County after Lawrence and State Police found 26 grams of heroin at his house there, prosecutors say.

Innocent, etc.



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And just what precisely

And just what precisely are cabbies restricted from doing besides being restricted to their hometown where they pay the government to have a hackney license?

As an Uber driver, I am restricted from picking up passengers off the street. I am restricted from making a straight app pickup from Logan airport.

That means you need to add two more restrictions to make your statement true.

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Are you kidding?

You've never driven a taxi, have you?

And I never would. Those fools are required by law to have a radio and join a "radio association". I cannot see that they are -restricted- to using a radio but man, get with the times before someone with a Zack Morris Nokia brick phone comes along and guts the industry single-handedly.

I consider myself educated. Thank you for the link, sincerely. Cab owners have a crapload of regulations and requirements - many insane. Restrictions, barely any. I do like the mandatory English rule. Once again, they are not -restricted- to speaking English, only -required- to be able to. The restriction on having vinyl seats sucks out loud. I like my leather seats and so do my clients. Who the hell is government to dictate a restriction on leather seats. Probably a PETA thing.

Last year I barely saw any Taxis on the prowl on my turf. This year they show up before us at all the hotspots. I saw one taxi driver wearing a tie last month. That will buy them a year.

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No, I am not kidding you

You claimed there were only two restrictions on taxis - the ones that you knew about. After looking at the link I supplied, you know about a "crapload" more. Your original comment was ill-informed.

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Leather is a porous material

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Leather is a porous material while vinyl is not. Possibly a hygene / health thing.

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Nobody wants to read 53 pages

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Nobody wants to read 53 pages of legal gibberish. Couldn't you have highlighted an excerpt and pdf'd THAT instead? Probably not. Because that would mean that you would actually have to read what you just lazily googled and posted.

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Yeah, you're right, this

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Yeah, you're right, this never happens with cab drivers. I've known people who have bought coke from cab drivers. Had a former coworker with no filter who drunkenly talked about getting a prostitute in Chinatown with the help of a cabbie, AND the guy was nice enough to take a walk while he had fun in the back seat.

But yeah, cab drivers have more regulations. Okay.

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About 50% of the time I took

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About 50% of the time I took a cab in boston; the picture of the guy on the taxi ID didn’t match the face of the driver. All set with that.

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