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Unattended candle starts fire that displaces two in Dorchester

Stanton Street fire scene

Stanton Street scene. Photo by BFD.

The Boston Fire Department reports a candle not being watched in the basement of 63 Stanton St. in Dorchester started a two-alarm fire around 11 a.m. that caused no injuries but displaced two people.

Damage was estimated at $150,000.

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Always a bad idea. Just don't do it.

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Putting them on flammable surfaces - also a bad idea.

I confine mine to my marble mantle attached to my brick fireplace. My son will burn them in the bath - if they fall? Into the water.

Last week, a coworker was walking her dog and noticed that her neighbor's house was on fire - smoke coming out, bright flames in the window. She called 911 and then her neighbor, which was the safest way to make sure that nobody was home. The neighbor had left a candle burning on an antique dresser that had a flammable stain/lacquer on it, and gone to the store for about an hour. My coworker's house was not damaged, but only because she discovered the fire in time.

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It's not only bad, but totally irresponsible, asinine, and dangerous, to boot! What in the world was that person who left the candle unattended thinking? It's lucky that nobody got killed in that fire!

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Smoking and candles are main cause of house fires.

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