We need a gravel-voiced reporter for this traffic story

Traffic on I-93 northbound through the O'Neill Tunnel was backed way the hell up this morning due to a truck losing a load of gravel, according to State Police, who reported at 11:05 a.m. that all the lanes were re-opened.



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Kojack--the posthumous, is obviously.......
Unavailable for the job but "what if?"

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Remembering the days of State Police helicopter reporters

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This post calls to mind some of the greats, the late Officer Bill Connell (Metropolitan Police-WHDH) and Trooper Grant Moulaison (State Police - WRKO Skyway Patrol) who would report about highway traffic on the radio from the news helicopters.

Under Governor Dukakis, (MDC = Mike Dukakis Cops) the Mets were the only non-State Troopers to have primary jurisdiction on any Interstate Highway in the country (I-93). They did a great job but Metro Officer Connell would report on traffic on 93, while Trooper Moulaison would report about the Pike, 128, Tobin Bridge etc. The State, Metropolitan, Capitol and Registry of Motor Vehicles Police all merged during Governor Weld's administration in 1992. I recall that on different occasions, both Bill and Grant ordered their civilian pilots to land so that the officers could handle road rage incidents or traffic accidents. Two great men.

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