When Walsh Supporters Go Too Far Implying Their Opponent Would Lash Out

Boston Globe:

A city employee was put on paid leave for five days in June, Boston officials confirmed, following allegations that he attacked a man outside his Dorchester home.

Stephen Bickerton Jr., an assistant director in the Public Facilities Department, and his accuser, Christopher Dahl, appeared Friday in a closed-door hearing in Dorchester District Court.

The hearing — in which both men presented their account of the altercation — was held to determine if there is probable cause for Dahl to proceed with his complaint. Dahl alleges that Bickerton attacked him and called him an offensive name, according to an incident report.

Bickerton — through his attorney, James F. Kelley of Acucity Law LLC — has denied the allegations.


He told police that he came outside to confront the two men, pushed one of them during an argument, and saw him slip on the sidewalk, the report said.

Dahl said he told the officers at the scene that when Bickerton came out to confront them, Bickerton screamed and threatened the two men. Dahl said Bickerton punched him in the face before returning inside, according to the police report.

Dahl told the Globe that Bickerton was holding a golf club, and “he smashed it on the left side of my face,’’ injuring his lip.

In the police report, Bickerton stated “he did not threaten the men with a golf club,’’ and officers said they saw no visible injuries on any of the men. Bickerton’s lawyer said his client also did not use the club to attack Dahl.

Twitter @SteveBic:

Steve Bickerton Jr: "Frustration with the state of the race can lead to lashing out. Thanks to @JLaadt for keeping it civil and setting it straight."

Tito Jackson wrote Marty Walsh a nice letter inviting him to debate.

And today in the Boston Globe:

Boston voters deserve more mayoral debates

From the imperial concrete bunker known as Boston City Hall, Mayor Martin J. Walsh is doing what incumbents always do: working overtime to limit his opponent’s exposure to voters and his own exposure to scrutiny.

With that dual mission in mind, the mayor has decreed that he will participate in only two televised debates with City Councilor Tito Jackson. What makes political sense for Walsh, however, is a disservice to Boston voters, not to mention democracy.

Jackson asked Walsh to participate in four debates. In response to that very reasonable request, Walsh campaign manager John T. Laadt sent a letter dripping with the disdain that goes along with a big lead in the polls. “We understand your frustration with the state of the race so far, but Mayor Walsh has spoken to thousands of Bostonians about his plan for the next four years and will speak to thousands more before the election is over,” wrote Laadt.

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Marty Walsh should stop pretending he knows how to make Boston world class when his own campaign is called out for unjust disdain toward his challenger Tito Jackson by the Boston Globe.