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When a young man's body is dumped out of a car in front of your house

Steve Holt lives where police say Duncan Ketter's body was pushed out of a car after being shot yesterday. He writes:

"Did you know him?" I ask.

The boy looks up from his morning prayers at the shrine he’s just lit at the base of the street lamp on my corner, his eyes brimming with tears.

"Yeah," he replies, his lip quivering. ...


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and very affected by yesterday's events. Duncan was just a kid, not even old enough to vote. He had friends and family who loved him. Steve captured the grief of those left behind.

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Yes. Yes it was. That was mentioned in Steve's post.

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"isn't that terrible", and move on without getting to the things Steve (so eloquently) contemplated.

Then I had children.

Now I cannot read this kind of thing without tearing up, without thinking the things Steve wrote about, without thinking of more things that I can do which might have even the slimmest of slim possibility of saving another kid from a fate like this.

I have no idea how parents who lose children (through any means) go on, and I pray every day I should not undergo that test because I have no idea how I would.

What a terrible story. I am so sorry for all.

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