You know how it goes: The Green Line slows

Signal problems at Copley Square mean "minor" slowdowns on the Green Line, the MBTA reports.



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It's not easy being Green

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Every once in a while I think I should save money and take the T, even though it's not that convenient for me. Then I read Universal Hub and remember why I drive to work.

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The Green Line is consistently slower than it used to be

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Twice a week I ride the first Green Line train of the morning from Eliot on the D Branch to Park Street, where I change to the Red Line. I used to catch the Ashmont train that rolls through Park at about 5:35, but lately I have to settle for the next one, or even the one after that.

The Red Line is much slower than it once was; a sign at the Harvard Square station used to advertise "8 minutes to Park Street". Nowadays it's closer to 20 minutes.

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