You pay your fare, then you get stuck at Haymarket Square

The MBTA reports "moderate" delays on Orange Line service towards Forest Hills due to a train that got overripe at Haymarket.




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It's Not Getting Any Better

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Never ceases to amaze me how many people that read and post to Uhub don't get it. Maybe they are new, and maybe they have a short memory span.

The state knows there is a problem. The MBTA knows there is a problem. They cannot do anything about it.

New subway cars are on order to fix the problem. Assembly is only just getting started. The darn factory had to be built first.

The current fleet is over 30-years old and will keep breaking.

No one likes it. Bitching about it is not going to fix it. Maybe it makes people feel better?

This is what happens when the voting public and their elected officials FAIL to appropriate funds to invest in the infrastructure that runs public transit. It's a nationwide scandal... save maybe for Seattle, and even then people bitch about having to pay for it. Yet they are expanding like crazy.

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Ya shoulda drove ya cah
to Hahvahd Yahd.

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Hub Hack Holds Heaps of Headline Hits

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Adam, do you have a regular night when you brainstorm and stockpile T-themed zingers? Maybe Monday's Blue headlines, Tuesday's Red and Wednesday's Green (break my heart). Thursday Orange (it doesn't even start), and Friday, you're in love? (Or Silver, same diff...)

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Maybe I should ...

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But, no, when I see a T alert come across Twitter, then I start trying to figure out a rhyme.

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