10 Best Films About Student Life

Most people love movies and TV shows. According to the statistics provided by StatisticBrain website, an average person spends 9 years of their lives watching TV.

This might seem terrifying to some of us but actually watching TV doesn’t mean wasting time. Movies and TV shows could give us some new knowledge, various ideas of what to do with our lives, and an inspiration to do something. Of course, not any TV show or movie has the potential to do so - only the one that is interesting and relatable to you personally.

While we cannot predict what kind of movies do you like, we could still offer you a selection of 10 best films about student life. If you are a student know, they can inspire you. And if you were a student before, you can reminisce about the old days while watching them.

1. Animal House.
This film was released in 1978 and is still considered a gold standard to measure other college movies by. It’s about a fraternity that is placed on probation in hopes to be expelled. The members of the fraternity, however, don’t get upset with such disturbing news and wreak havoc on campus instead.

2. Eurotrip.
A comedy that is indeed crazier than fiction, Eurotrip tells a story of four friends who decided to go see Europe before going to college. They’ve encountered some pretty crazy people on the way - and if you do like a good laugh, expect to get with the help of this movie.

3. Good Will Hunting.
A captivating story of a janitor who was a gift for mathematics. This film is a lot about boundaries that appear between those who are gifted and those who come from blue-collar backgrounds. It is also about leaving everything, including friends and family, behind - a thing that many college freshmen could especially relate to.

4. Pitch Perfect.
Groups are one of the best parts of the college life - and this movie is about one of such groups. Pitch Perfect (and its two sequels) tells a story of an a cappella college group that participates in various competition (both at their college and abroad), trying to succeed.

5. The Social Network.

Most students spend a lot of time on Facebook whenever they need to distract themselves from writing or to simply chat with their friends. This movie tells a story of well-known Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, and the story of him founding the Facebook while still studying in Harvard.

And while many of the movies on the list are more about learning how to have a great time in college, this one is about learning how to achieve your goals and being persistent in pursuing your dreams. If you want a reminder that nothing is impossible - here it is.

6. Into The Wild.

Did you ever dream of leaving everything behind and simply going somewhere without looking back? You might dream of it, and you might not even imagine it - but either way, learning the story of Christopher McCandless would probably be interesting to you. The film is based on a non-fiction novel and tells a story of a student, who graduated college and decided to explore the wild instead of looking for a job.

And so he abandoned his possessions, donated all his money to charity, and went straight to Alaska. Want to know what happened next? Then watch the movie!

7. Revenge of the Nerds.

These days being a nerd is no more considered shameful and bad. In fact, the whole definition of a nerd has become quite unclear as more and more people around the world watch Game of Thrones and know the names of the main Marvel and DC characters.

However, if you’re feeling a bit nostalgic, you’ll definitely enjoy this college movie classics that tells a captivating story of a group of smart and creative people, who were ostracized and decided to take revenge on people who disrespected them and treated them poorly.

8. Mona Lisa Smile.

Once again, while this movie tells about the problems that aren’t as fresh and important now, it is still good to watch to get a better understanding of how things were before. «Mona Lisa Smile» tells a story of a courageous young college professor, who wants to inspire their students and tell them there’s more for them to aim in life than simply marrying someone and being a good wife.

9. The Rules of Attraction.

This movie could be even considered a bit scandalous. It is based on a novel written by Bret Easton Ellis, the author of well-known «American Psycho». «The Rules of Attraction» tells a story of spoiled and privileged college students, who form a love triangle - and a quite unusual one!

10. Take Me Home Tonight.

Many students try to figure what do their want from life while still in college - and many don’t know the answer to this question even after they graduate. If you can relate, then you definitely should watch this movie. «Take Me Home Tonight» is a story of recent college graduates who have yet to understand what to do with their own lives.

As you probably realize by now, this list is diverse. There are some comedies here, some college movie classics, some Oscar’s nominees (and winners). You could pick a couple of movies that seem the most appealing to you or try watching the whole list. Either way, we hope you’ll enjoy it!

Which are your favorite college movies? Please share your thoughts in opinions in the comments below!

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