After news report, firefighter drops lawsuit against dentist for fire that killed dentist's son

WBZ reports a Boston firefighter who claims he was injured in a fatal 2016 fire on Babson Street in Mattapan has dropped his negligence lawsuit against the dentist who owned the house after the station reported the city was continuing to pay the firefighter's salary and medical expenses - as required by state law.


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It doesn't apply to him

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From the WBZ story: "In many states, injuries are considered an inherent risk for the job for firefighters. However, in Massachusetts, first responders injured in the line of duty can also recover damages for things like pain and suffering if they can prove negligence."

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Great, another reason to

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Great, another reason to never call the government for "assistance."

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In the firefighter's defense

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When originally contacted by WBZ, he assumed that this would be settled through insurance companies. It ends up it would come from the dentist himself, and the lawsuit went away after the firefighter found that out.

So yes, there is a lower level, which would entail continuing the suit knowing it would ruin the guy personally after he lost his dad in the fire.

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In the Captain's defense, over $3000 a week doesn't go very far anymore

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