America's always run on Dunkin'

Minuteman picking up a Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee

Huzzah! David Finnerty ran across this Minuteman picking up an iced coffee at a Dunkin' Donuts near Faneuil Hall this sweltering Independence Day.




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So Dunkin doesn't have a

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So Dunkin doesn't have a policy against serving treasonous militiamen openly carrying assault rifles and bayonets? YIKES!

I guess a tri-cornered hat and a puffy shirt (Seinfeld was right!) makes everything a-ok!


No guns signs don't have the force of law in Massachusetts

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You have to be explicitly told to leave by a live human.

In Texas, however, of all places, no gun signs do have the force of law. When I was in Austin a while back, I was quite surprised by how many places have those signs. The sidewalk is about the only place where Paul Revere here could do his thing.

Muskets are technically not

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Muskets are technically not firearms by federal or MA law and MA has a really odd definition of "firearm". It's a case of the law not making common sense but making sense in the archaic structure of the law to other lawyers.

The MA signage thing is because only the connected in the most politically influential cities/towns can obtain licenses and they don't want to be inconvenienced. In Boston/Brookline/Cambridge/Newton/etc. doctors, lawyers, bankers, jewelers, judges, politicians, and few other well respected and heeled professions are the only ones able to obtain licenses. These places set state policy with their influence.

States which aren't as bigoted against the poor (or minorities in minority majority areas) obtaining licenses typically have more restrictions with binding signage. States which are more restrictive in their licensing typically have fewer laws with binding signage and legal-no go areas

When Michigan changed their laws to "Shall Issue" from "May Issue" it went from being like MA to being like Texas with regards to binding signage.

Believe it or not

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The other morning I saw someone buy a mint tea in Dunkin Donuts. Seriously.


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Dunks in a way, was a British company for a while, when it was owned by Allied Domecq.