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Angling for Amazon on the South Boston Waterfront

Proposed Amazon building in Seaport Square

Angular rendering by Gensler (hard to see, but, yes, requisite flock of birds are in both images).

The developers of the Seaport Square project released renderings of what Amazon's proposed 17-story building would look like at last night's meeting of the Boston Civic Design Commission.

The BPDA recently voted to cut taxes on the proposed building by $5 million over 15 years in exchange for the 2,000 jobs Amazon says it will bring to the area. Amazon also has an option to have WS Development build a second building next door, which would be eligible for a similar tax break based on a similar number of additional jobs.

The buildings would be to house workers in Amazon's existing Boston-area operations; they are not related to the company's proposed HQ2 complex.

Amazon building

BCDC presentation - has additional renderings (4.5M PDF).



Finally! New construction with decent design!

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Or it's basically a copy of something already under construction:


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Don't confuse new construction with new design. Besides, exactly what point are you trying to make?

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Agreed. Build it and add at least a little character to that soulless corner of the city.

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Hopefully Amazon decides to build near the South Station, S Boston and/or Columbia Red Line stops. Amazon-MA could replicate this project 25 times over. It would be less expensive than a Red Blue Connector. ie a line that must bypass MGH's underground network. If BL truly needs to be connected to RL, extend the concourse one block at State to the DTX RL

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... are heavily soundproofed.

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With all that glass - it has to be a large rafter of turkeys!

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"Don't stand underneath when they fly by." -- Tom Lehrer

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Bird flocks, but no red umbrellas.

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