Another car flips in Roslindale

Flipped car in Roslindale

Around 6:30 a.m., a car flipped on Washington Street in Roslindale, on the side towards Forest Hills, near Puritan Ice Cream.

Becca reports it looks like the driver went into a flip after clipping another car.

The Boston Fire Department reports the driver and a passenger were taken to the hospital with injuries not considered life threatening.



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or maybe

One of those dang dockless scooters got in the way. Truly a menace to our fair city.

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Yeah this is bad

But have you seen how dangerous those e-scooters are? Maybe we should limit the number of cars we allow on the road, similar to what San Fran did with e-scooters, until city and state officials can figure out a way to ensure safer operation of these dangerous machines.

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Narrow the Lanes

it's time to narrow the travel lanes by swapping the parking and bike lanes. Put the bike lanes along the sidewalk and parking between the bike lanes and the travel lanes.

Until the City makes that change people will continue to drag race on that street.

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You’re not from here. Drag race on Washington during the am commute, you’d be lucky to hit 5mph.

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Off to the races!

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I agree, it's hard to picture speed on Washington St. at that time of day, but cars don't flip without a decent amount of speed momentum.

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It must have been an exceptionally crazy set of events to have a car flip at 5 mph

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Beacon street

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They did this after a few bad accidents on Beacon. Looks like hell, but it works.

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