Another East Boston auto garage slated to make way for a residential building, this time on Condor Street

101 Condor St. proposal

Architect's rendering.

A Charlestown developer has filed plans to replace an auto garage and parking lot at 101 Condor St., at Brooks Street, with a four-story, 18-unit residential building with 18 parking spaces.

In a filing with the BPDA, developer Greg McCarthy says the proposed building is designed to both "compliment" the existing wood-frame houses around it and "serve as a compelling precedent for the area's future and ongoing development."

The filing does not specify whether the units will be apartments or condos, but in either case, two of them will be set aside as "affordable." The parking spaces would be in a garage, partially underground.

Recent months have seen developers propose replacing a number of the neighborhood's garages, in particular along Border Street.

101 Condor St. small-project review application (9.4M PDF).



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Eastie. people

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please do not fall for the "you don't need parking" BS. One space per unit leads to less on street parking.


short term thinking

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in 10 years no one will own a car, everything will be Uber so parking spots will be huge wasted space. Don't fall for ignorant people who only see the past. No parking spots for new development is best. That will force more spending on the T and it will be a view to the future, not looking to the past. Which will all be worthless in 10 years.

So I will be unemployed?

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Because in my 14 years of selling real estate I refuse listings that do not include parking. I’m not saying I don’t sell units without parking, I just don’t waste my time taking on these listings. So in ten years I’ll be forced to retire.


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Condor Street??

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Condor Street??
20 Blocks away from Maverick station
14 blocks away from Airport station
and 2 blocks away from Chelsea

So what?

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So what?

If you're using on-street parking, you're just as guilty as someone from this building.

If you're not using it, it doesn't affect you if they do.


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Don’t tell them what I said, tell them what I didn’t say.