Another vehicle flips in Roslindale

Partially flipped SUV in Roslindale

Shortly after 2 p.m., a driver flipped an SUV on its side on Metropolitan Avenue, just up the hill from Washington Street. An ambulance was called; the road was shut.

Last Wednesday:
Police look for driver of stolen car who caused a Roslindale crash, helped the other driver, then fled.




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Just like the crackdown on the expressway the other day

We need the police to do something about the countless motorists that drive recklessly around Boston on a daily basis.

But that would require actual dedicated traffic enforcement which BPD doesn't do, so we get our weekly car flipping or crashing into a building and crickets. And something tells me all the people gleefully posting about the expressway crackdown wouldn't back a similar crackdown for reckless motorists, you do the math.

Oh but let me tell you about a cyclist that almost hit me.

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My solution

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I agree that more traffic enforcement is needed in Boston. In the old days (like 10 years ago) they had certain cops who basically just did enforcement. It was amazing how many people they pulled over for minor stuff only to find that they had no insurance or revoked license etc.

They should allocate like 20 new recruits from the academy - tell them you'll be doing mostly traffic enforcement for their first 2 years on the force. If they want to keep doing that after 2 years, that's fine. If not, they're off the hook. I bet the increased fines would allow these guys/gals to pay for themselves.

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There is a missing piece here

The legislature would need to change the laws governing how much the local cities and towns get to keep.

That amount has been somewhere around $25 per ticket for decades.

One reason traffic enforcement is so abysmal in MA - there is negative incentive for police departments to issue tickets.

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Actually most drivers would

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Actually most drivers would prefer a crackdown on dickhead drivers. They affect us as well as everyone else. Most drivers would love to see speed limits enforced, blocking the box, and my own personal pet peeve when cars roll all the way thru the crosswalk at a red light. The stop line is there to allow pedestrians to use the cross walk. But I digress. All the laws should be enforced for the safety of everyone.

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Curiously missing, operating mobile phones while driving

I think you are dead on about all the others though, those things that dickheaded drivers do need to be dealt with by serious enforcement.

But its the cellphone thing that I think a majority of drivers quietly do because it seems like a victim less crime or its a red light or they don't think they'll get caught or my favorite, they're one of the "good" drivers so its ok to take a peak here and there.

Same people that oppose traffic cameras under false pre-tenses whens its really because they know they'd be the guilty drivers caught by those very cameras.

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Yep, you're right. Totally

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Yep, you're right. Totally forgot about those morons who feel that texting and driving is a right. There are many others as well. But we all know it's a free for all on the roads out there. I do wish the police would enforce the rules of the road here.

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Red light cameras are

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Red light cameras are actually a problem, though. They increase accidents (depending on visibility), they generate completely spurious, hard-to-contest tickets, and there's a track record of organized crime behind their use in some areas (see the Chicago bribery scandal, for instance.) Some localities have been caught shortening yellow light timing to increase revenue.

But yes, more actual, legit, accountable enforcement would be fantastic! (I hesitate to add, but I'm gonna anyway: For bikes too, and I say this as a cyclist. I don't like bad actors smearing my group-reputation.)

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Proportional enforcement is welcome

So long as no single group is specifically targeted, I'm all for more enforcement. Idiots on two wheels can be just as hazardous to non-idiots on two wheels as they are to themselves. Heck, I'd also welcome some accountability for those pedestrians who don't seem to get what a don't walk signal is - maybe because it isn't showing on their phone.

FTR, traffic citation cameras are illegal in MA because the courts have determined that they violate some piece of the state constitution (is it facing one's accuser?).

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