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Apartment building proposed for Warren Street in Roxbury - across from another proposed apartment building

125 Warren St. architect's rendering

Architect's rendering. Compare to proposal across street.

A Westwood developer has filed plans for a six-story, 41-unit apartment building on Warren Street where it meets St. James Street in Dudley Square - across from Warren from where another developer has proposed a 21-apartment building.

In a filing with the BPDA, Joseph Federico says his $12.5-million building would have a first-floor garage with 25 spaces. The building would have five affordable units. His plans depend on the BPDA letting him use two small vacant lots it owns there.

Unlike the proposed building across the street, which would be all studios, Federico is proposing 19 one-bedroom units, 16 with two bedrooms and three three-bedroom units - as well as three "multi-leveled townhouse-style units."

Federico hopes to begin construction in early 2019, with completion scheduled for early 2020.

125 Warren St. small-project review application (22M PDF).



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As in "Bits of trim that cost extra money and make a building look less like it came from Ikea?!?" HOW CAN THIS BE?!?

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They initially proposed this project without cornices, and the neighborhood complained that it didn't suit the style of existing 1-2 family houses on Dudley and Regent St... glad they spent a whole 5 minutes remedying that concern

Also best of luck to the guy living in the red house seen here: https://i.imgur.com/yJB10qw.jpg, hope he doesn't like those windows.

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I can't believe developers are trying to building market rate housing at Dudley. I also can't believe that they are trying to reintroduce apartment densities that were in the neighborhood prior to 1965. What the hell are they thinking? I can't believe someone would go counter narrative to urban renewal guidelines and build human dwellings that don't look like they belong in a condo development in Millis or Ashland.

What's next, Roxbury Latin gives back the Joseph Warren statue they took away and puts in back where it belongs on just north of here?

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This is great!

Also,I know where we'll be moving 2 years from now.

Doing the math, $12.5 million* / 41 units = $304,878 per unit.

*soft and hard costs (soft, I believe, is stuff like permitting, lawyering, etc.)

That's what it costs to build housing in Boston, even outside downtown, my friends. And, that's with the guy already owning the land and without the price of paying the BPDA for those other two lots.

Yes, potentially the costs could be lower without the parking on level 1 but first-floor units aren't very popular.

I don't see anywhere an estimate of rental prices but my guess would be $2,100 and up for a one bedroom,depending on floor.

Tito, what do you think?

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I think the sale price on the land was over a million — the developer brought a slightly larger version of this project to an abutters meeting and said anything smaller wouldn't be profitable. It has roughly a 33% higher floor-area-ratio than the lot allows.

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