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Apartment building for seniors proposed for Bartlett site in Roxbury

Architect's rendering of senior-citizen building in Roxbury

Architect's rendering, featuring a flock of birds.

A non-profit group is proposing a six-story, 52-unit apartment building for senior citizens as part of the Bartlett Place development off Washington and Bartlett streets in Roxbury.

According to plans filed with the BPDA by Preservation of Affordable Housing, 80 percent of the units would be rented at what the BPDA considers affordable rents. The building would have 17 parking spaces.

The proposal is the latest building for the 8.5-acre Bartlett site, in which a former MBTA bus depot is being converted into a series of apartment and condo buildings, with new retail space along Washington Street. When done, Bartlett Place will have roughly 194 apartments and 129 condos, with 37% rented or sold to low-income residents and 28% reserved for middle-income residents.

The overall project is being developed by Nuestra Comunidad and Windale Developers.

Barlett Station Lot D small-project review application (12.5M PDF).
Bartlett Place project overview (2.1M PDF).



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Originally the Bartlett Plan had lot D set for homeownership and lot C set for elderly housing... I wonder if the plans have changed for lot C too? or are they now planning for C & D to both be elderly housing?

That's a lot of specialized housing in one area.

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