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The award-winning Longfellow Bridge

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People get softball trophies at the Ebersol fields and don't want to carry them home and this has become the trophy cemetery.

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Marble base of a trophy... useful. Save trophies' bases to raise the microwave. Save a marble trophy base for each side or for a little more height stack two each side to raise the microwave off the counter allowing air flow underneath, make it easier to see underneath and behind, easier to get something fallen behind the microwave.

Any other uses for trophy parts?...

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They're participation trophies, take one you earned it.

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These have been there for many many months. There seems to be more and more though...I see them every day when I ride my bike past them.

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Don’t remove them! They’re structural.

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for the new bridge deck

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It’s some kind of pathetic conceptual bullshit street art. We say this is thought provoking and it gets written up. Out of the other side of our mouths we condemn graffiti when both displays look equally trashy.

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Please provide a link to anybody declaring these statues "thought provoking." At best, they're whimsical. You're going to have to try harder to come up with another rationale for graffiti.

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Goes to this thread. Thoughts...

Trophy cemetery.
Microwave lifts. (my favorite so far).
Structural. (Gawd, I hope not. Chinese cast metal.)
Elmer links to UH story.

On a hot day like what we've been having, this is what passes for heavy thought lifting.
Anon is dead wrong, though..."Out of the other side of our mouths we condemn graffiti when both displays look equally trashy."

One is art, the other is, um, depends. Zak thinks it's art, who are we to judge?
Jackson Pollack, noted painter and drunk:
"Pollock converted the barn into a studio. In that space, he perfected his big "drip" technique of working with paint, with which he would become permanently identified. When the couple found themselves free from work they enjoyed spending their time together cooking and baking, working on the house and garden, and entertaining friends.[24]" (wiki)
Considering I have a canvas or two that look like this, he probably had a lot of free time on his hands. I also work with alkyd enamels. Sometimes.

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There remains plenty of public infrastructure that needs support. This is a an example of proud Bostonians contributing symbols of their excellence to the noble task of keeping bridges standing.

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While the Longfellow Bridge was under construction, the curator of the trophy room took their collection on the road:

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or a homeless person finding housing?

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I am a trophy, small and strong
Giving out not too long
An achievement for anything
A run, or chore, or dance swing
But no one knows why I hang around

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that protect us from the Infernal Powers. It's because of them that the Longfellow isn't a hellmouth like the BU Bridge.

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The definitive article on the subject for all Uhubbers.

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