B Line riders aren't going far; they can thank the driver of this car

Car on the Green Line tracks along Commonwealth Avenue

The MBTA is reporting 15-minute delays on the Green Line to and from BC due to the car on the tracks that Fuad photographed.



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Did she get a ticket?

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There’s a traffic ticket for

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There’s a traffic ticket for Motor Vehicular Trespassing or a criminal charge of Driving on Tracks, which I believe results in a fine

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With an arrest for

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With an arrest for trespassing. And a license termination. If you ruin the commute of hundreds of subway riders that is what you deserve.

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About the delays

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The T has a crossover track on the inbound side of this intersection. They would still be able to run service to an from BC, but someone would have to operate the switch (which drivers do at Cleveland Circle on their own.) Given the time of the incident, I don't see this as being as bad as, say, a driver doing the same at Packard's Corner at 3 on a Friday afternoon.

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