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Bail set at $50,000 for Celtics player charged with repeatedly attacking girlfriend

A Brighton Municipal Court judge today set bail at $50,000 for Jabari Bird, 24, at his arraignment on charges of strangulation, kidnapping, and assault and battery, for a four-hour incident on Sept. 7 in Brighton, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Bird allegedly assaulted the woman at his Brighton home during a period of about four hours on Friday and physically prevented her from leaving. When he later passed out, she left the residence and contacted a friend and a coach. Together, they sought treatment for the victim’s injuries at a Boston hospital. There, they also disclosed the abuse to the police department of the victim’s Boston-area college and then to Boston Police.

Judge David Donnelly also ordered Bird to stay away from the woman and witnesses and their college campus, to use neither drugs nor alcohol and to not leave Massachusetts except for any Celtics road trips and then only after he notify his probation officer, while the case is pending.

NECN has more.

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Best coverage of this story I've seen.

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$50,000 cash and a $50,000 surety bond!

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Can't see him making any Celtic road games, ever.

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Not a very nice picture.

"The woman told police she was able to leave after Bird passed out with "seizure-like" symptoms."

So, was it just an alcohol fueled beating or something more?

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Preface: I'm strictly talking from a business/contract standpoint here, take this objectively:

Waiving him would be $3MM in dead money over 2 years. For an over the cap team paying luxury tax, every little bit counts. A league suspension is inevitable and will be big.

Once this happens, a portion of that money won't count against their cap hit (the player receives none of it while he's suspended), and they can move him to the Suspended List after I believe 4 games, which allows them to fill his roster spot. He's a reserve 14th/15th man, they can easily go through much of the early season carrying 14, and can always call up one of their two 2-way players and toss out some 10-day contracts starting in January (the cost should be offset by the cap savings from Bird being on the suspended list) to cover player rest, etc. when they're in the heart of the season.

There's also the question of his own health, and any potential jail time, which have their own impacts. Even if they waive him down the road, they stand to save some money by keeping him on the roster for now and letting everything play out.

tl;dr: It make's more business sense to sit and wait.

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He hasn't yet been tried or convicted. Perhaps we ought to wait before suspending or firing him then.

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The league will probably do a separate investigation, that's why I separated the legal piece from the league piece above. Again, trying to be completely objective here, but I don't see a scenario where a suspension doesn't come down at some point. But the severity will almost certainly be tied to the legal component.

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Only $1.3 of Bird's contract is guaranteed, the '18/'19 season. '19/20 isn't. So not quite as much dead money.

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Still smarter to take the wait and see approach from a business standpoint, they're going to need to fill that roster spot if it's open come playoff time (giving fair reference to the innocent until proven argument above), and I'm sure they'll take any help with the cap hit they can get.

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If the Celtics were to waive Bird, they would have to pay his guaranteed $1.35 million salary for this season. By allowing the league to handle the matter, his contract could potentially be voided,

Always a good idea to follow the link and read the article before commenting.

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i’m wondering if there will be more problems with players now that they aren’t safely tucked away in waltham. i’m guessing players are living in and around brighton now that the practice facility is done. does anyone know where this happened? are there already luxury apartments open right at brighton landing?

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This comes off as pretty ignorant. Only the highest paid/longest tenured C's lived out near the facility in Waltham. Think of the huge mansions out in Lincoln, Weston, Concord (where the likes of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garenett, Rondo lived) . Most of the new players/rookies had always found apartments in Watertown, Charlestown, Chinatown, Brighton.. Besides, most players came into the city to eat, hit the clubs, etc. This has nothing to do with living in the city and everything to do with being a bonehead. Most players arent this dumb. Are we asking this question about Bruins, Sox and Pats players?

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than ill ask the same questions. the bruins just built a practice facility in brighton too. im guessing they all dont live out in saugus and wilmington anymore? i think a lot bruins are in the north end and charlestown. probably guys will be buying/renting in brighton/newton/brookline because everything is is being built and the commute to the garden is quicker and easier.

i work in waltham and in the last ten years ive bumped into about a dozen different celtic players in and around waltham. james posey bought me a strawberry frosty at Wendy's in 2008. players used to get rims for their vehicles from a guy i know on main street. ive seen posey, house, perkins, i actualy spoke to rondo one day while we pumped gas next to each other at mobil. danny ainge went to chipotle near winter street several times a week for years.

do you remember the incident that took place at antoine walker's waltham condo many years ago? i think it was him and a several other rookies or second year players?

how does any of this come off as ignorant? i was just curious about where this happened.

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I haven't seen any mention either way in articles I read about this.

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And that kid did get into some trouble a while back ... but I'd suspect that this is not one of them, nor a genetic relation, either.

Are you related to all guys named Newman?

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