Band knows its Boston fans

Playing at the House of Blues tonight, Guster figured the audience would want to keep track of the Patriots score, so they had a guy in a Bruschi jersey come on stage to update the crowd, as roving UHub photographer and Guster and Pats fan Garrett Quinn reports.

The guy is named Mark and they picked him out of the crowd to keep score. Didn’t say where he is from.

He adds that when the guy first start writing the score on a whiteboard, the band told him to write bigger so everybody could see.

Of course, Guster is not exactly unfamiliar with Patriots fans - the band formed in 1992 at Tufts.

Pats fans getting score at Guster concert



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I remember them

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I had no idea Guster were still around. I used to see them playing on the street in Harvard Square in the early 90s when they were at Tufts. They used to toss Pixie Sticks to the crowd.

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Burning question

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I was at the show. My family was debating whether you were a "plant". Did you know before the show that you'd be called up? Where did you go about 3/4 of the way through the show, to the john? How did your head pop out above the stage in the VIP section while you were gone? How did the stage hands know you liked Bud Light?

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New Kids on The Block did a

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New Kids on The Block did a similar thing when they were playing while the Bruins were in the Stanley Cup.

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