Beacon Street shut by protest against Northeastern and ICE

Seems Northeastern President Joseph Aoun lives on Beacon Street at Joy and protesters are trying to occupy it to protest a research contract ICE has with Northeastern.

Beacon is currently shut between Joy and Park.



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In addition..

In the old days, they used to send many of their co-op's down to the border... probably still happening...


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The study is "to help combat terrorist explosive attacks." And there "Occupying" her house on Beacon.

Do these clowns remember what happened a few streets over!

Also, if Northeaster doesn't take the funds where do they think the monies would be reallocated to?


Public figures homes are out of bounds

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I have no opinion about this particular guy. However, my overriding opinion about protesting outside someone's home is that it is not OK. Everyone, even an evil bastard, has the right to reasonable privacy and security in their homes. Show up at their office, do a sit-in, block traffic, hold a rally, that's all cool. But saying that they plan to "occupy" this guy's home is over the line and unacceptable.


That's true

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It's a little different. But if that building is where he sleeps at night, it's "his" house and people shouldn't be bugging him there.


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ICE are the hatchetmen for a would-be strong-man with an alarming streak of white nationalism. They're brownshirts, and anyone voluntarily working with them is a collaborator. Fuck this guy. Shaming someone by showing up to his place of work used to be enough to elicit change. Now it's not. Let this be a word of caution to everyone else out there: if you work with the brownshirts, it means you're on board with what you're doing. That stain doesn't wash off when you clock out at 5:00 PM, so you can expect protesters outside your home.



Their contract isn't even with the immigration half of ICE, it's with the customs half. They study trade flows.


WBUR Article

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a quote from the linked article acknowledges this:

“I do not care to separate that Northeastern’s contract is not directly related to border policies because the issue here is ICE itself," said Ienna Fernandez, a law student. "ICE is working the way it was meant to be. ICE was born out of xenophobic and racist policies and to align yourself with ICE in any way is to concede that it is more valuable than the families it tears apart, that its function is more important than the trauma it inflicts on people who are just trying to find a home here.”


The question I gotta ask is

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How is customs enforcement "born out of xenophobic and racist policies?" The immigration side is worthy of an argument, but customs enforcement goes back to colonial days.


Care to hazzard a guess what the C in ICE stands for

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Yes, prior to 2005, customs enforcement was a part of Treasury, while immigration enforcement was a part of the Justice Department. Then they created a new agency that for some reason combined the two aspects. That doesn't change the fact that there was an agency before ICE that enforced the immigration part of the law and the fact that what Northeastern is doing has nothing to do with immigration enforcement.

So, these were the

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So, these were the individuals responsible for my detour last night! For the selfishness of it alone, anytime a protest group blocks a roadway I am immediately against their cause. Easy these days to because the outrage is largely emotional and not well researched or thought ought regarding the consequence of some substitute policy, etc.

Well said, Againstyou!

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I don't think that protestors should block roadways or train tracks, either. It's dumb, and it pisses off and alienates people all the more. I know that I, myself, feel disgusted when they sit in the middle of a street or train tracks to block traffic to make a point.

What bothers me about this whole thing is not only causing ordinary people to be late for important appointments or whatever, but supposed somebody has to bring their pet to the Animal Hospital on a life-or-death emergency basis, and they can't get to the animal hospital in time due to protestors blocking traffic, and that person's pet dies as a result? I know that I'd be pissed off as hell if I had to bring my pet Congo African Grey Parrot in on a life-or-death emergency basis and couldn't get her to Angell on time because a bunch of idiots decided to block traffic to make their point.

I spoke my piece, and I couldn't care less what anybody else thinks.

Ah you poor little bunnies

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You should immediately renounce motor vehicles. They cause the vast majority of road blockages - over 200 per year!

Do it! Show those other drivers!