A bear is wandering around Newton Centre

Last night, Newton Police issued an alert about a bear in a tree near the Green Line tracks in Newton Centre:

Caution Wildlife Advisory: There is a Black Bear up a tree in the vicinity of 1320 Centre St. Please use caution and avoid the area...An officer is standing by.

This morning, police updated the situation:

Sometime during the night, the bear made its way down the tree and moved on. If seen in the area, please don’t approach it!


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Let the bears pay the bear

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Let the bears pay the bear patrol tax. I pay the Homer tax.

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Who was the fool who made the comment "no bears inside of I-495"?

You get garbage duty in Newton tonight.

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That might be

Either ibb, or me, in reply to his comment. In our defense, neither of us said "no bears inside of I-495."

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At least they did not kill

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At least they did not kill him like he last bear in a tree

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