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Oil leak leaves Main Street in Watertown a slippery mess




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Traffic is really f'ed up in Watertown square. Main St is closed from Waverly ave to spring St. Avoid the area if at all possible.

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So THAT'S why my drive took so long today. Thanks, Adam.

Suldog of Watertown (not to be confused with Frederick's of Hollywood.)

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TV was attributing the leak to Eversource which handles electric distribution in some communities. If true, this oil is used to insulate and mitigate temperatures for very high voltage lines buried underground. The oil exists between the actual cable and outer case. This type of oil insulation is used for lines carrying voltage in the 5 to 6 digit range. So beyond the leak, this may require additional and very serious repairs to the HV line itself underground, then refilling the pipe with oil.

The key here is that the oil was described as a "mineral oil" to discern it from a fuel-related petroleum product.

Ob-Boston (and for Adam), there is a line of this nature that starts at Roche's parking lot and eventually connects to the HV Eversource yard in the 700 block of Hyde Park Ave. It runs from Roches at the end of Willow St, under the RR bridge, down the full length of Beech St, then easterly on Poplar, then southerly down Dale eventually tunneling under the NEC tracks to the electrical yard. It was installed by United Technologies Industries in the early 1970s.

So if you live on any of those streets and need a street repair, call DigSafe. We're talking a 6-digit line there as well, BTW. I think it sis 134KV.

You're welcome.

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