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Bloomberg foundation to bolster Boston efforts to reduce carbon emissions

The city announced today it's won $2.5 million worth of planning help from the Bloomberg American Cities Climate Challenge to reduce local carbon emissions by encouraging more energy-efficient commercial and institutional buildings and increasing non-car commuting options.

Boston will use the Bloomberg resources to expand bicycle paths and a neighborhood "slow streets" program to encourage bicycling and walking, work to increase adoption of both electric cars and car pooling; link Boston developers to "innovative project finance programs" to up the efficiency of new buildings - and owners of existing buildings to incentive programs for boosting the buildings' energy efficiency and create an energy-resource center aimed at low-income neighborhoods.

The news comes a few days after Mayor Walsh released the latest part of the city's planning to deal with rising sea levels - detailed plans for making South Boston able to withstand increasing flooding over the next several decades.



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What about how ride share? Do we dare put the drivers of the 25,000 cars that flood the city, pull over like anywhere in the road is a cab stand and cause countless pedestrian, bicycle and accidents for residents out of work?

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