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Body found off I-95 in Canton confirmed as that of Marine recruit last seen in Roslindale

The Norfolk County District Attorney's office is confirming that the remains found next to I-95 southbound in Canton yesterday are those of Joseph Brancato, 21, of Winthrop, who was last seen in November in Roslindale.

The Marine recruiter with whom he was living on Mendelssohn Street is currently in custody on unrelated charges - following his recent arrest in South Carolina.

According to the DA's office:

Hours after his discovery, by a motorist who had stopped in the breakdown lane of the highway, Mr. Brancato was removed to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Boston where his identity was confirmed. An autopsy performed today (March 29, 2018) did not immediately establish cause or manner of death. Cause and manner of death remain undetermined and under investigation pending further testing.

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At least his family knows now. RIP.

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Poor kid. Sounded like he was really trying to turn his live around.

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I think the true story will be pretty ugly.

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