Boston firefighter ordered held in lieu of bail on charge of child rape

Samuel Perez Rosado, 38, was arraigned today on charges he abused and raped "a child known to him" for several years, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

South Boston Municipal Court Judge Michael Bolden set bail at $50,000, which Perez Rosado was unable to meet. Should he make bail, he was ordered to stay away from witnesses, surrender his passport and any guns he might own. He returns to court on June 13.

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How many firefighters are there?

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How common are virulent racism and pedophilia?

Or do you just want to go back to the "good old days" where nobody saw nothing?

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That was out of left field.

I was making a simple observation, how you read into it me wanting anything to do with "the good old" days is beyond me. It's easier to go off on your keyboard warrior mode than trying to understand what you read.

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What alphabet agency is not having problems these days?

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