Boston parking ban goes into effect at 7 p.m.

So if you're parked on a snow-emergency route, move it or lose it. But since there's going to be a snow emergency, you'll have 48 hours after the emergency is declared over to save your space - except in the South End where, theoretically, space savers are never allowed.

BPS schools will be closed tomorrow and there won't be any trash pickup. More Boston info.

The Mattapan Line will be replaced with buses, if they can run, and commuter rail will operate on "extremely reduced" schedules. More MBTA info.

And for Boston kids only: City Councilor Matt O'Malley is once again giving out $5 JP Licks gift certificates to kids who shovel out hydrants.



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Oh, Bob

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I’m going to take this time to note that I do like and respect you.

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Let’s have a city wide

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Let’s have a city wide referendum and put this stupid topic to bed.

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I agree

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And when the voters of Boston weigh in, I’m sure the peanut gallery here will concede that the practice is here to stay, right?

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It's too bad the Alewife

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It's too bad the Alewife garage raised its rates for parking over 14 hours. It used to be a good snow option at $7 per 24 hours, but $15 is getting expensive.

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A lot cheaper than a ticket and a tow.

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I don't understand how some

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I don't understand how some towns ban parking on all streets. Especially since they tend to be more suburban, where there isn't good bus service in all areas.

What if you need to go somewhere that doesn't have a parking lot?

Does it really help them plow, compared to allowing parking on one side of quiet streets?

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No Emergency Child Care

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City of Boston community centers are also closing so there will be no emergency child care for people who must work or deemed "essential personnel."

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Chelsea's will go into effect at 10pm

Per City Alert System:

This is an important message from the City of Chelsea Resident Alert System

Snow Emergency as of 10:00 p.m., Mon. Mar. 12. No Parking on Emergency Arteries. Chelsea Schools and Chelsea City Hall closed Mar. 13. No trash pickup Tues. Mar. 13.

Emergencia de Nieve comenzando a las diez de la noche, lunes 12 de marzo. No habrá estacionamiento en las rutas de emergencia. El ayuntamiento de Chelsea estará cerrado el 13 de marzo. Las escuelas públicas estarán cerrados el 13 de marzo.

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Wakefield Parking Ban

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10 PM Monday to 8 AM Wednesday. Also, Trash/Recycle pickup delayed one day for the rest of the week.

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