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Boston's airport used to be a tad smaller

Original East Boston airport

In 1925, Boston Commonwealth Airport (it had not yet been named after Gen. Edward Lawrence Logan) consisted of four hangars and one runway - which was enough for the biplanes that still used it - as shown in these photos taken by Fairchild Aerial Survey of New York.

Boston Airport in 1925

By 1971, of course, the airport had grown, as had the size of the planes and the skyline across the harbor:

Boston Airport in 1925

See it larger.

Photos from the BPL photo collection. Posted under this Creative Commons license.

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i think they’re going to need a bigger tunnel.

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It's 'hangar' when referring to the building housing airplanes, I think.

Unless you are referring to the pilots or workers storing their clothing.

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This makes me think:
What’s the oldest building at Logan now?

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Good question.

Those four original hangers are long gone.

The circa-1940 photos in the article John-W linked below - I don't think any of those buildings exist anymore, either. The airport buildings at that time were concentrated in the northwest corner of the property, in the area mostly occupied now by the rental-car building & lots, the taxi queue, etc.... I doubt anything from that far back survived in that area.

I don't know if some portion of current terminal C/former D/control tower would be oldest.

I would expect some shed or something small, a small utility building, probably out by the hangars toward the north end of the property today, would likely be the oldest structure.

Unless the senior center out at the end of Maverick Street was part of the airport at one time...

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Partial answer, digging a bit on Google... found an article/slideshow from WCVB from three years ago.

* Terminals C & B were built on the footprint of the older Boutwell terminal building.
* Terminal C opened in 1967 and is the oldest of the four current main terminals.
* I think this Boutwell Terminal still survives, if I understand the description - the building you walk through between B & C, where the chapel is.
* The eight-story "old" control tower is described as a 1955 addition to the Boutwell



* The Boutwell building appears to date back at least as far as 1949


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Middle photo, what's with the smoke?

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Some reading material from 1940 on Logan Airport for your edification (where "edification" means pissing away your time on-line with esoteric crapola).

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Give me liberty, or give me 'za!

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...apparently you would have had to wait for 8 more years....

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  • The one runway was unpaved?
  • No seaplanes?
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