BPL to loan out WiFi hotspots

The Boston Public Library said today it's making hotspot kits - which will let borrowers share an Internet connection with up to 15 other users - available for 21-day loans at all of its branches and the central library in Copley Square.

The devices connect to T-Mobile's Boston network. Anybody with a BPL card can borrow one of the gizmos.

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They set the late fee for hotspots at $1.25 a day. That means for $38 a month you can keep the hotspot forever and get unlimited internet. That's cheaper than a cable modem.

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Oh you silly silly person.

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Oh you silly silly person. These are librarians you are dealing with. You think they did not see that loop hole? Info below is from info page BPL website:

For how long can I borrow a WiFi hotspot?, expanded
You can check out and use a WiFi hotspot for free for 21 days, with no renewals. The wireless service on the hotspot will be turned off if the hotspot is not returned on the due date.

If you return the hotspot late you will be charged a late fee of $1.25 per day until it is returned. Many people are waiting to borrow a hotspot, so please return the hotspot on time.

MY question is why exactly is the library handing out free 21 day hotspots? It seems like an odd time frame.

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Standard BPL loan

21 days is the BPL's standard length of borrowing. For books, you can renew for additional 3-week blocks, as long as there are no other borrowers with holds placed on the book.

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"The wireless service on the

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"The wireless service on the hotspot will be turned off if the hotspot is not returned on the due date."

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The FAQ says they turn off the internet access at the end of your 21 day initial loan.

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Might as well just call it an internet cafe at this point.

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Libraries are about INFORMATION for EVERYBODY.

Got it?

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