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Breakfast place in Allston cleared to re-open

The Breakfast Club, 270 Western Ave., passed a health re-inspection on Friday and a city health inspector cleared it to re-open.

On Aug. 31, a health inspector had found serious enough problems to order the diner shut.

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Don't you forget about it.

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This is the second place we've been alerted to that has [in four alternate weeks] failed spectacularly, then passed readily, then failed spectacularly, then passed readily.

What is going on in Inspectional Services?
[nonregardless that Inspectional is not a real word].

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Seems there's some controversy here.

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simple minds at that bureaucracy.

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It seems inspectional services is doing Harvard's dirty work.

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First of all. Get a dictionary.

Secondly... inspectors and court clerks CAN wield considerable power and are not immune to being corrupted or doing favors for "friends" despite their standing.

Delay that last-minute filing?
Sure... I'll just put it down here for a little while.

Shut down that restaurant or NOT?

Sure thing, Pal.

Still have those season tickets?

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Hopefully this place learned its lesson. However, after seeing a local place in JP get shut down twice in a year for health violations, it's clear that the law's teeth need to be sharper.

New rule: if your restaurant is found to be out of compliance twice in the same year, the punishment for your bad-faith attitude toward regulations is that you have to post some sort of "scarlet letter" on your door for at least a year, even if you (temporarily) fix the problems again.

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At this point the patterns at Bukhara, The Breakfast Club, and other places are very sketchy. It is possible they were not in violation at all, or at worst only with minor ones. Seems there is a rogue inspector on the loose.

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There are probably dirty restaurants with lots of problems who manage to hide things for a little while.

You don't have access to the health surveillance that triggers these things. One inspector went easy, then they found that people were getting sick and they threw the code book at them.

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