Brookline market held up at gunpoint

Brookline Police report a gunman made off with about $3,500 in cash when he robbed the One Stop Market, 321 Cypress St., shortly after 8:30 p.m. on Saturday.

The cashier stated that the suspect entered the store and immediately displayed a black semi-automatic firearm, pointed it in his direction, and walked over to him. The suspect demanded money and ordered him to empty out the cash register; the suspect took the bag of cash and left the store.

Police describe the suspect as black, 5'11" with a medium build, and wearing a black face mask, a black hoodie with a Nike logo on the front, black pants, dark sneakers with a Nike logo and a black ball cap, possibly with a Bruins logo. He carried a dark backpack.

The suspect is described as a black male, 5'11 in height, medium build, wearing a black facemask, black hooded sweatshirt with Nike logo on upper left chest, black pants, dark colored sneakers with white Nike logo, dark colored backpack, black baseball hat with yellow brim and yellow circular logo (possibly Boston Bruins logo). Approximately $3,500 in cash was stolen. Police are investigating.



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I've stopped to buy a lottery ticket there several times. I'm surprised that a) they got robbed and b) that they had $3500 in the register.

(P.S. The story needs a little editing a little editing.)

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